Services offered by On-Site include;
Monthly Maintenance Plans
Maintenance is one of the most ignored aspects of PC ownership, in my opinion. Most people seem to think that the PC doesn't need maintenance, and so you should just use it until it breaks, and then repair or replace it. These people generally find themselves repairing or replacing much sooner than those that take definite steps to avoid difficulties in the first place.
PC Troubleshooting & Repair
These issues can range from Hardware to Operating system.  A piece of bad hardware can cause a computer to not boot or produces error messages.  On-Site will determine what is causing the problem and offer you affordable replacement parts.
Home & Office Networking
Got more than one computer and want them all connected to the Internet.  Would you like to setup a wireless network for the home or office.  Kids got a game console and want to game online with their friends.  On-site can help with purchasing of hardware and setup.
Virus & Spyware Removal
With so much information on the Internet, emails, downloadable songs, videos and files, there also comes a chance of Viruses, Trojans, Spyware and Adware.  All of these things can cause problems, errors and even report private information.  On-Site has the tools to clean them from your system and keep it safe.
Phone Support
Not all issues can be solved over the phone, but those quick need to know how to do's, or getting an error message all of a sudden.  Maybe needing just a little help with installing a new device.  On-Site offers Phone Support at a reasonable rate.
Custom Built Systems - Upgrades
On-site will work with you to evaluate and determine your computer needs so that you get only what you need. Even if you want a name brand like Dell, Compaq, HP or Gateway, well find you the cheapest price and 3 year On-Site support.*
*3yr support on new computer systems only applies to hardware purchased

Don't want the hassle of disconnecting your computer to take it into the repair shop. Well, you can have a computer tech come to you instead.  On-Site Technical Support offers prompt and courteous service at your home or at the office.  If there is a need to disconnect the computer for Off-Site repairs, it is brought back to you and reconnected.  There is never a travel fee and all calls come with a free On-Site estimate.